About Us

Some call us mad and others wise, we like mad+wise.

Welcome to mad+wise. We are a boutique, independent brand that stands for love, design, beauty, compassion and all that inspire us to be the best we can be. 


  • We believe that self-expression is key in achieving self-actualisation.
  • We believe that every person is unique and we want to celebrate that individuality.
  • We believe that success is found in practising kindness and compassion. For our selves, for others and our environment.

Inspire self-expression by offering unique products that are ethically produced. 

Born by our love for design and tendency to ponder we aim to infuse the world with smiles. Join a community of like minded people and wear that which inspires you. Become an inspiration for self-expression just by being you. Wear something beautiful and who knows you might make someone smile.

Giving Back

Making a difference feels great and we truly believe that giving opens the door for receiving. We care deeply about the environment which is why mad+wise pledges to plant a tree for every pair of leggings you buy.

1 Pair of Leggings = 1 New Tree Planted




Ethical Supply Chain

We only work with suppliers that implement corporate social responsibility standards. Factory employees are given fair wages and comfortable working conditions. Our suppliers are also environmentally conscious, using recycled materials and limiting energy waste. So with mad+wise you'll have a clean conscience.

All our products are printed with love in California (USA) and shipped worldwide.